Not Martha


Occasionally I get an email from someone asking about the double-sided crepe paper I used for the pumpkin favors. The crepe is heavy, colored differently on each side, and, I suspect, perfect for making flowers. I bought that at Flax in San Francisco, but last time I was there the paper was gone. Someone even tracked some down in a shop in England and had them ship it to her. So, the question popped up again recently and I realized I wanna know too. Google searches turned up a few crepe paper brand recommendations from this page on a now-dead site. Further Google searches on those brand names didn’t turn up much. So, does anyone happen to know where to buy double sided crepe paper? (Online preferably, but regular shops are fine too.)

Some quick research turned up something completely unrelated whch may be of interest – Impress Rubber Stamps is carrying these flat clear resin domes, 1.25″ across. Perhaps good for large marble magnets or jewelry?

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