Not Martha

My favorite ever Martha segment was on yesterday – how to prepare soft shell crabs. Now, as a disclaimer, I grew up in far-from-the-sea Cleveland where the most fishy thing we ate was salmon cakes. I have never liked seafood, as much as I wish I did. The handling and preparation of seafood in general is foreign to me, and while I’m far from being a vegetarian, eating something which still looks like it did when it caught is something I find sort of creepy. So, imagine my horror when I first saw her pick up a live, wriggling crab, take a pair of kitchen shears and cut it’s face off, then reach inside and pull the gills out, the poor things legs still moving. It was quite a trip. I think I’ll keep the tape. No mention of the head cutting is in the recipe.

In other news, we made the Soy Sticks, or tofu fries, the other evening, not bad. Not french fries certainly, but when paired with a salad it makes for a very healthy meal. And I rather like Newman’s Own Light Raspberry & Walnut dressing (it’s not on the site unfortunately), throw on some blue cheese and it almost makes me think I can cook.

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Wow, zipper bags from Blissen are featured on today’s Daily Candy, way to go.

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We stopped in a DrugMart while we were in Cleveland and I noticed that the Bonne Bell aisle was huge, Bonne Bell is headquartered in Cleveland. And, we’re going back in June for another wedding, so if you have a Bonne Bell product you desperately desire but cannot find, let me know and if I have time I’ll see if I can grab it for you. I’m not sure if they have everything on line or not.

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We just got the Volkswagen Driver magazine in the mail, it has a VW catalog in the back (cupholders, t-shirts, plush daisies). While I love my Golf, I just don’t think I’m the type to want VW logo paper clips. The childrens New Beetle convertible pedal car is pretty cool though.

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I have indeed heard about the Martha Stewart tv segment on how to make Decorative Magnets.

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trip report: I am back, everything was lovely. My dorky little folding footrest was such a luxury to have, and nearly worth the money. The InMotion DVD player was a sanity saver. I ordered an extra battery* but on the return trip the one battery lasted us through three episodes of Six Feet Under and half of a bad action flick, by then we had arrived so I don’t know how much longer it had on it.

* In case you are interested – on the page where you are checking your order there is a drop down menu, you can choose to have an extra battery included and they don’t charge you.

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