Not Martha


Ljc linked to the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia, which is so close to me and I didn’t even know! (more here). And that got me thinking about the Jelly Belly Factory and how great that is for a rainy day (they also have Jelly Belly shaped pizza and hamburgers in the cafeteria). And that got me thinking about all the other stuff around here I want to do:

What else should I see?

more: The Mus�e M�canique is open in it’s new (hopefully temporary) location, my mom and I stumbled across it when she was visiting. And if you ever take a tour of Alcatraz, allow me to recommend the evening tour. It’s slightly more expensive, but the ferry goes all the way around the island on the way out, you are given short talks about the history of Alcatraz on the way up, and when you emerge from the audio tour (which is surprisingly good) the city is all lit up in front of you.

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