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Susie wrote to tell me about the opening of a nursery/garden center/fun-outdoor-things business in SF: “My boyfriend and our friend
Flora (who’s a landscaper) are taking over the lot where the Palmbroker used to be on Guerrero at 23rd. They’re very into promoting
organics and selling unusual plants and other garden things (many of which are now stored in my garage) that you can’t find at every
other nursery in town. Plus it’ll be a fun place to stop by and just hang out in the gardens in the sun.” They’re having a grand opening party and we’re all invited!

Guerrero Street Gardens Grand Opening Party

Saturday April 12, 12-5pm

1074 Guerrero St. (between 22nd and 23rd)

Cuban music, snacks, fun succulent-planting, and 10 percent off everything in the store.

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