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Being the lip balm whore that I am I bought some Blixtex Clear Advance, the fact that it is marketed towards men appealed to me – metalic gray packaging, non-glossy, SPF 30, there is a man on the box (or at least a strong chin), and I seem to remember commercials with men telling each other about it. So I’m surprised to find it has a very strong, very sweet, fake strawberry flavor to it, you can smell it when the tube is open. I mean, if you have have a masculine flavor I would think mint, or lime, or orange even. But strawberry? At least ask Jelly Belly if you could use thier Margarita flavor or something.

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Troutgirly won the battle of finding just the right shade of foundation for herself! It’s from Zhen, a cosmetics company who makes products for Asian-American women. It was started and is run by a group of sisters, and for $5 they will send you a generous trial size of foundation and powder, you can apply that amount to a purchase later. Lovely. There is some stuff I might try, like the Matte Gel — “Do you have enough oil on your face to fry an egg roll?”

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Oh Dangerous Chunky you will be missed!

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According to the latest Lucky Magazine Lush will be opening stores in New York City, Los Angeles and Boston by the end of the year. The latest Lucky Magazine is also so packed with those annoying stiff advert pages that I’m utterly frustrated and don’t want to struggle so much to read the thing. Except for the ad with the Clean and Clear Cleansing Cloth, I like that one, free stuff is always good.

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really cute skirts at loosetooth! and check out the picture of the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, that is the edition I have and I must agree, the patterns from the 70’s make it worth it. I’ve been meaning to scan those because some are so amusing.

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how to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads at lorraineland!

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reuseablog from jennie!

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I have gotten just enough questions about what the “m1″ and “k2tog” in the pattern for Shocking Pink Coif mean that I wanted to put up some notes about them. All of the abbreviations in the patterns in Knitty can be found at the bottom of the Patterns page – go here, scroll just a bit and look for “The Knitty Standard Book of British Birds”. Convenient no? Everything you need is listed there. And most respectable knitting books should explain how to do these basic stitches.

Happily, this very issue of Knitty contains a feature on increasing and decreasing – Techniques with Theresa – Increases and Decreases!

The “m1″ I used for the Coif was “Make One, Right Slant” from The Knitter’s Companion by Vicki Square, which is different from the one Theresa talks about (which is from Knitting Without Tears, Elizabeth Zimmerman). Theresa also lists “knit into the front and back” (Amy’s favorite) which is super great too, very tight. If you’re new to increases and decreases I encourage you to grab some yarn and test a bunch out to see how they look. I ended up using the “make one, right slant” because I liked the way it looked in my knitting, but you might prefer a different increase stitch. The whole point of the Coif is to be a gentle first post-scarf project, a confidence builder if you will. I am considering putting up a little tutorial on the “make one, right slant” if enough people are interested. Are you interested?

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gauge 101

Ahem. The originally published gauge for the Shocking Pink Coif was wrong. Very wrong. So obviously wrong that the ones among you with sharp eyes (or, really, anyone who glanced at the pattern) found it quickly. The fault was me. My fault. I’m a gauge newbie, I’m afraid of the gauge, the gauge is something I initially found intimidating, still do, and it’s coming back to torture me. What happened was this: I got “stitches across/rows down” confused for “stitches down/rows across” (which would, of course, be columns) (duh). So silly. For my future reference, and for anyone like me for whom the words left, right, horizontal and vertical mean nothing when in print, I offer this Gauge Basics Visual:

Which is (the correct gauge for the Shocking Pink Coif):

13 sts/20 Rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch

A big thanks to everyone who wrote in about it, because you were all very nice. But you can go ahead and laugh at me now, I don’t mind.

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I love this idea – Blik “is a fun line of surface graphics created by and for people who like to change their mind. These wall decals (think stickers) are made from thin self adhesive vinyl film so you can quickly and easily transform the look of a living or office space.” Via today’s Daily Candy. And, ahem, doesn’t this seem like one of those things you could do yourself? Maybe? The walls in my current apartment aren’t appropriate surfaces for this. Nonetheless, an investigatory trip to Tap Plastics or another signage store is in order I believe. I am skeptical about the availability of removable adhesive and good colors however.

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For those in the Bay Area – SF Gate has up a story on the best bath stores in SF, starting with Lush, of course. There are also pictures of the Lush shop and some of it’s stuff.

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The spring issue of Knitty is here! And I’m happy to show off and point out that I have a pattern in it – the Shocking Pink Coif. It’s a super simple little hat thingy, the rating is mellow (easiest), it is a one-ball project, not knit in the round, and it’s a good way to ease yourself off of scarves and investigate increases and decreases. And, the pattern page has the largest collection of photos of my head to be found anywhere on the internet!

All of the patterns in this issue of Knitty are wonderful (as always) and there are lots of unusual finds — check out Dim Sum (for your cat), Prep School (a tie!), and the Postmodern Legwarmers. I’m tickled to find lots of patterns in cotton and cotton blends as I’m not able to wear wool, though I’m not allergic as Amy is, I can relate to the wool envy.

A little inside info for you — I’m remarkably unphotogenic so five days, four locations, (seriously) 500 photographs, countless hours sorting through them, and I came up with about seven I could bear to show to other people. Also, all of the pictures you see there were taken by holding the camera at arms length and pointing it at myself. Try as he might, Scott just couldn’t catch me looking natural, or at least not looking as if I were terribly upset about something.

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