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I have gotten just enough questions about what the “m1″ and “k2tog” in the pattern for Shocking Pink Coif mean that I wanted to put up some notes about them. All of the abbreviations in the patterns in Knitty can be found at the bottom of the Patterns page – go here, scroll just a bit and look for “The Knitty Standard Book of British Birds”. Convenient no? Everything you need is listed there. And most respectable knitting books should explain how to do these basic stitches.

Happily, this very issue of Knitty contains a feature on increasing and decreasing – Techniques with Theresa – Increases and Decreases!

The “m1″ I used for the Coif was “Make One, Right Slant” from The Knitter’s Companion by Vicki Square, which is different from the one Theresa talks about (which is from Knitting Without Tears, Elizabeth Zimmerman). Theresa also lists “knit into the front and back” (Amy’s favorite) which is super great too, very tight. If you’re new to increases and decreases I encourage you to grab some yarn and test a bunch out to see how they look. I ended up using the “make one, right slant” because I liked the way it looked in my knitting, but you might prefer a different increase stitch. The whole point of the Coif is to be a gentle first post-scarf project, a confidence builder if you will. I am considering putting up a little tutorial on the “make one, right slant” if enough people are interested. Are you interested?

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