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gauge 101

Ahem. The originally published gauge for the Shocking Pink Coif was wrong. Very wrong. So obviously wrong that the ones among you with sharp eyes (or, really, anyone who glanced at the pattern) found it quickly. The fault was me. My fault. I’m a gauge newbie, I’m afraid of the gauge, the gauge is something I initially found intimidating, still do, and it’s coming back to torture me. What happened was this: I got “stitches across/rows down” confused for “stitches down/rows across” (which would, of course, be columns) (duh). So silly. For my future reference, and for anyone like me for whom the words left, right, horizontal and vertical mean nothing when in print, I offer this Gauge Basics Visual:

Which is (the correct gauge for the Shocking Pink Coif):

13 sts/20 Rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch

A big thanks to everyone who wrote in about it, because you were all very nice. But you can go ahead and laugh at me now, I don’t mind.

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