Not Martha


The spring issue of Knitty is here! And I’m happy to show off and point out that I have a pattern in it – the Shocking Pink Coif. It’s a super simple little hat thingy, the rating is mellow (easiest), it is a one-ball project, not knit in the round, and it’s a good way to ease yourself off of scarves and investigate increases and decreases. And, the pattern page has the largest collection of photos of my head to be found anywhere on the internet!

All of the patterns in this issue of Knitty are wonderful (as always) and there are lots of unusual finds — check out Dim Sum (for your cat), Prep School (a tie!), and the Postmodern Legwarmers. I’m tickled to find lots of patterns in cotton and cotton blends as I’m not able to wear wool, though I’m not allergic as Amy is, I can relate to the wool envy.

A little inside info for you — I’m remarkably unphotogenic so five days, four locations, (seriously) 500 photographs, countless hours sorting through them, and I came up with about seven I could bear to show to other people. Also, all of the pictures you see there were taken by holding the camera at arms length and pointing it at myself. Try as he might, Scott just couldn’t catch me looking natural, or at least not looking as if I were terribly upset about something.

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