Not Martha


The Swell line at Target is slowing taking over this apartment. First it was tall and short striped plastic tumblers to hold stuff in the bathroom. Then it was a striped plate and bowl to hold things in the living room. And some of those colorful rubber coasters. I was eyeing the serving tray, ice bucket, and those chair cushions. It was all I could do not to bring home the bathrobe and matching tank top.

Things like this really get to me though. I think it’s cute and all that. But it’s not until I know that it won’t be around for much longer — and the stuff is usually pretty well picked over once I get there — when the desire to own grabs me. All of a sudden I become a strange consumer monster – driving an hour or more to find a Target which has that $2 striped salad plate which I JUST MUST HAVE aaaaaaahh!! I’m not sure if this is amplified by my location in the people saturated Bay Area. But chain stores do seem to be a lot different around here, I seem to remember the Targets and Dennys in Ohio as nice, cheerful, clean places. Around here they are under stocked, overcrowded and after a trip to them I need to go have a lie down. It makes for exhausting weekend errands.

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