Not Martha


So I was all excited when the Lush store in San Francisco opened recently (420 Powell if you don’t know already). A few people wrote to tell me the prices were kinda high, and I was like yeah, yeah, yeah, that won’t stop me! But I finally made it out there last week and man, those prices. I mean I adore Sea Vegetable soap but I didn’t end up paying the $10 for a slice. And $7 for bath bombs. Wow. I actually left without buying anything at all. By comparison the Lush Canada website (which will ship to you, and very speedily I might add) charges 4 to 5 dollars Canadian (here is a currency convertor for you) for bath bombs and $6.25 for a slice of Sea Vegetable – which is just over $4 US. I agree very much with everyone that says if you are a Lush junkie, ordering from the Lush Canada site can easily be worth the shipping costs. Otherwise, trying one or two things out would be worth getting them from the store.

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