Not Martha


This lovely person has taken in a poor little dog who showed up on her doorstep. In her words:

“Yesterday morning we were woken up by a weak barking at our front door. A little old pomeranian had found his way to our home, and desperately needed our help. We call him Heir Baron Munchausen.

Munchee is between 6 and 12 years old and appears to have traveled a great distance before ending up here. He’s very weak and has been sleeping for a record 26 hours strait. He hasn’t touched food and I have to force feed him water. One of his nails is half-ripped out and remains intact only because a matted hair overgrowth is wrapped around it.

In addition to being severely malnourished, he is anemic from the flea colony (population: 3-400) living on his little frame. He weighs in at about 1 pound or less.

Baron Munchee does not feel good, and I think he deserves to feel better.”

You can go see pictures of the adorable Baron at (the full story is here) and if you would like to help with a donation or something much needed (flea collar, clippers, vitamins) they are very welcome. I’m a little late on this since I’ve been absent, and it appears he is doing better, but is still in need of some things. Jacqueline is a very kind person!

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