Not Martha


I’m back and lots has happened – congratulations to ljc and her boy on thier engagement! Anna has adopted a sweet little ferret which needs some help, go read about it then donate some money via Paypal if you can. Going Bridal bought a car, a little green beetle! Check out the cake for her sweetie Denis’ birthday. Happy Birthday!

We took our new car (!!!) out for a holiday road trip and we couldn’t have picked a worst combination of destination and time of year – we drove to Seattle via Aracata and Portland. It didn’t stop raining. But, we did get the hell out of the house, which was the idea. Our last day we drove over to Roslyn (since I’m a huge Northern Exposure dweeb), but stayed in North Bend for the night, which we found after we’d settled in, was the place they filmed Twin Peaks. And we got to see some snow, which was very nice, it was the only elevation at which it wasn’t raining.

I saw some of the Swell stuff at Target (since I forgot to bring a pen with me, duh, we stopped to buy my specific beloved kind). I’ll have to make a trip to see all of it in the stores.

The new Knit It! magazine is out (I saw it on the stands) and I like it. It is still a huge advertisement for Lion Brand yarns, but they have some basics about cabling, something I will have to have handed to me because I’m way too intimidated to seek out the how-to when I get to that point. And some basics about joining with good diagrams, I think. It is something I will keep around.

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