Not Martha

some recipes I want to keep around:

spinach and three cheese calzone

prosciutto and brie calzone with apple

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A tip I found on the actual tube: Put some petroleum jelly, or in my case lip balm, on the threads of the neck of a tube of super strong glue before you close it. It’ll seal just as well and be easy to open when you need it again. It works, my silicone sealer hasn’t sealed itself shut!

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At Digs MagazinePlease Do Touch, how to make textured wall art just for touching.

Slightly related – Marimekko has a bunch of new stuff, among it wall hanging kits, you can buy a full kit with fabric or just the frame.

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I was attempting to make Spun Sugar Caramel Apples yesterday and not quite getting the “wave the forks over the apple, then gather the sugar around the apple” bit, then I decided to watch some Food TV, and guess what was on From Martha’s Kitchen the very first time I watch that show? She made Spun Sugar Caramel Apples!

If you are going to buy a whisk to modify and use for making spun sugar, make sure it is not way too sturdy for you to chop up. Or that you have a wire cutting tool a little more hefty than a cheap multitool.

Food TV is having an all candy and Halloween stuff week, as if it were just for me.

Here’s the caramel apple recipes if you are interested:

caramel lady apples

cut off balloon whisk

spun sugar caramel apples

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The weekend was spend doing all the Autumnal things I failed to do last year, pumpkins were carved, spiced cider was had, little paper mache heads were made, caramel apples were attempted, toasted pumpkin seeds were eaten while watching a movie which wasn’t nearly as scary because Mad TV gave away the whole twist thing which I wasn’t able to forget about thanks a lot Mad TV.

I learned two things: [1] paper mache made with newspapers and liquid laundry starch is very very different than paper mache made with flour and water. It’s more flimsy and wrinkly, not so good for heads you are going to decorate heavily. Use the flour and water, and make it more gooey and less watery. [2] I don’t follow directions very well.

The Halloween heads were made with these excellent directions by Erica Mulherin, thanks!

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Todays posting over at Girlhacker reminded me, Martha Stewart had a segment on magnetic paint last week – you paint it on the wall, cover it with regular paint and ta da! I wonder if it would still work if you painted chalkboard paint right over it?

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The 2002 Knit Hat Show is live! Go see and vote, if you follow knit bloggers you’ll recognize some names.

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Speaking of cakes, check out this engagement cake – it was made by the amazing Museum of Cakes, whose website is, sadly, not available right now.

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If you bake cakes, those really nice cakes, Megnut has a few two-thumbs-up recomendations for you – Baker’s Joy and Magi-Cake Strips.

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Hey look! Fuzzy Galore is selling Vegan Fox kits, in lots of different styles – red fox, silver fox, black fox, dark fox, and white fox. A few colors are sold out but it looks like more is on the way. Thanks to Glitter for the heads up, and thanks to Knitty for just being so cool.

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This month’s Real Simple has an interesting advertisement for Florida Grapefruit Juice – it has one of those sniffy strips usually used for perfume, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it used like that. The issue also has instructions on making a basic watch cap with illustrations for cast on, knit, purl, decrease, and cast off. I also like Budget Living, I think this is the first issue.

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Wow. Go see Erica Mulherin’s illustrated directions for making those cute paper mache Halloween heads – go go. I envy her illustration skills. And the directions are very detailed and clear. Wonderfulness!

I didn’t realize that the paper mache Halloween thing I started seeing last year, first at Restoration Hardware, was actually a collectable antique style until Martha Stewart had a segment on it. I couldn’t find the segment, but while looking I found these things:

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Squib’s recipe for WW-friendly yummy sounding crock pop recipe: Amy’s Spaghetti Sauce

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I have:

  • rewatched a handful of movies
  • drank a gallon and a half of orange juice
  • got to 23,000 on bejeweled
  • taken 1000% of my daily allowance of vitamin C
  • sat and stared at the wall
  • gone through two boxes of tissues
  • and two boxes of nyquil
  • surfed and resurfed and went back to check again
  • made cookies
  • made a paper mache covered balloon
  • painted half of a tin
  • eaten a gallon of chicken noodle soup

And I still feel like crap. I have officially lost all of that hearty Ohio resistance I brought with me. And to make it all worse, both of the public radio stations in my area are in Pledge Drive Mode. Oh the horror.

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What I got for my birthday:

– altoids (see below)

– roses

– a cold

This is the first cold I’ve had in almost four years. Certainly the first one since I moved to California. I forgot how awful they are. My Aleve Cold and Sinus isn’t working, but because it’s a 12 hour pill I can’t take Nyquil until 9 p.m. tonight. Aleve requires far too much commitment. Thank goodness for Halls Vitamin C grapefruit drops. I’m going back to bed now.

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