Not Martha


Despite my hopes for an elaborate costume I’m going as generic Ren Fair wench type. I have a dress from way back which my mother made (thanks Mom!) which can be either peasant Renaissance or peasant Colonial, depending on the accessories. I don’t, er, fit into it quite the same way as I used to, however it’ll do just fine. My mother (thanks Mom!) also made a big full chemise, I’ll have to show you pictures of it when the drawstring is let out, it’s huuuge, and creates lovely gathers. I wore this costume to trip down Castro street in SF last year, and someone else in a Renaissance gown stopped, curtsied, and said “G’day M’lady” to me. She was probably an SCA person. It caught me off guard and I stumbled out a “hi”, much to my embarrassment. My whole point? Everyone should have a generic peasant costume, it comes in handy. So far this dress has been used for a handful of Ren Fairs, two SCA events, worn as a seller at a (small, local, library) Ren Fair (in my optomistic youth), one Colonial peasant volunteer, two Halloweens and counting, and one Princess In Disguise in a high school play (which is why it was created, I think).

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