Not Martha


I tried the caramel apples again and it worked! I kept the heat lower, and while it took a long time nothing burned.

The spun sugar was fun and pretty, however it was impractical. Ouch! When I make these for the real event I’m going to make bowls or nests for the apples to sit in so no one has to tear away spikey sugar. Or get spun sugar splinters. Click for another picture.

I also made pumpkin seed candy [recipe], which is surprisingly good, I normally don’t like honey all that much. The raw, hulled pepitas (pumpkin seeds) were a little difficult to find, I found them in the bulk containers in the baking aisle at a local grocery store, Draegers. I bet one could find them at Whole Foods, and maybe Trader Joe’s as well. I cooled the rest of the caramel from the apples and cut into square candies. It tastes more like toffee, does that mean I cooked it too long? I’ll have to look this up.

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