Not Martha


I was attempting to make Spun Sugar Caramel Apples yesterday and not quite getting the “wave the forks over the apple, then gather the sugar around the apple” bit, then I decided to watch some Food TV, and guess what was on From Martha’s Kitchen the very first time I watch that show? She made Spun Sugar Caramel Apples!

If you are going to buy a whisk to modify and use for making spun sugar, make sure it is not way too sturdy for you to chop up. Or that you have a wire cutting tool a little more hefty than a cheap multitool.

Food TV is having an all candy and Halloween stuff week, as if it were just for me.

Here’s the caramel apple recipes if you are interested:

caramel lady apples

cut off balloon whisk

spun sugar caramel apples

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