Not Martha


The weekend was spend doing all the Autumnal things I failed to do last year, pumpkins were carved, spiced cider was had, little paper mache heads were made, caramel apples were attempted, toasted pumpkin seeds were eaten while watching a movie which wasn’t nearly as scary because Mad TV gave away the whole twist thing which I wasn’t able to forget about thanks a lot Mad TV.

I learned two things: [1] paper mache made with newspapers and liquid laundry starch is very very different than paper mache made with flour and water. It’s more flimsy and wrinkly, not so good for heads you are going to decorate heavily. Use the flour and water, and make it more gooey and less watery. [2] I don’t follow directions very well.

The Halloween heads were made with these excellent directions by Erica Mulherin, thanks!

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