Not Martha


The September In Style has a page about a new knitting book Hollywood Knits – Thirty Original Suss Designs by Suss Cousins. Suss Cousins is the knit designer I noted a while back for all her sweaters, hats and scarves in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which I of course loved because they were meant to be cartoony. A few weeks back I heard a story on public radio about how the economy is affecting smaller businesses, and they happened to be profiling Suss Design. Which is to say I’ve been noticing it a lot lately. And Suss Deisgn sells neat little kits, fringed halter top? striped bikini?

The Sepetember Lucky has a whole page layout of striped scarves, yay. I love stripes. Do you think it is reverb from the whole Harry Potter scarf thing? I have one ball of teal Esprit and one ball of a strange greenish yellow (why do the stores never have like red and orange, or black and white when I get there?) and plan to make a, what else, striped scarf.

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