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There are two questions I get email about occasionally and I have been meaning to put up an FAQ section but I’m being incredibly good at putting it off so here is the beginning of it at least:

Where I got that clear compact lip balm container shown on the lip balm page.

I bought some cheap lip gloss from a drugstore and cleaned it out to use. However, Andrea (thank you Andrea!) tracked them down at Oshun, see this post. You can buy them individually or in quantities of 1000 (wowsers). Keep in mind Oshun is a Canadian company, so here is a handy currency convertor for you. This finding was back in March so by now I’m sure they are sold somewhere else as well, anybody know?

And looking at the packaging product listing I see Oshun carries round labels, a few people have popped in looking for those as well.

Where I got the glass topped favor container/watchmaker’s case/bindi tin shown on the wine glass charm page.

The ones in the picture were from Lee Valley, a woodworking shop, which offers a bunch of different sizes and carries the ones which come in thier own metal box. As far as I can tell, they were made popular by Martha Stewart as a wedding favor container (those are the most expensive, of course). You can also find them here at Profundia. Pipe up if you know of another place offering them as well, thanks.

I did have a few, erm, concerns with the ones shown, see this post and the comments for a discussion.

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