Not Martha


After Suzie Q posted her pictures of cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan, Lucky had a little story about the cupcake colors inspiring Jane cosmetics to make eyecolor. I clipped out the picture from the story and found it again yesterday. It’s a pastel green frosted cupcake with white and yellow sprinkles and two white sugar daisies with yellow centers on top. I was immediately gripped with the desire to make something this charming. I went out to look for similar decorations yesterday, nada! There is no cake and candy making supply store near me. So now, I must find or make these decorations! I could mold my own I suppose — darn, now that I finally have a reason, has stopped selling the flower shaped butter and sugar molds! At the store I found some Wilton gum paste and glucose for decoration making, but how does that taste?

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