Not Martha


I’m back. It was a fun roadtrip through the west, we visited Dinosaur National Monument, Rocky Mountain National Park, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, saw a rodeo, camped in Yellowstone, and took a tram to view the Tetons. Then, on the way back home through Idaho, I found this:

The Mythical Choco-dile

[see here for information on the Choco-dile]

another fun picture:

East Main Street beautification provided by Halliburton employees

in Vernal, Utah

I didn’t realize this until we got there, but the wedding I was attending was held in The Stanley Hotel, more commonly known as The Overlook. My uncle was even staying in room 217. I found out the interior of the hotel was originally white, for that breezy summer place feel. However, the interior is now all dark carpet and dark wood. When they filmed the miniseries there the crew came in and painted faux woodgrain all over, and if you look you can definetely tell. The hotel isn’t quite as large as one might imagine, but it was a beautful place for a wedding.

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