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Suzie Q admits she is addicted to lip balm. It seems everybody is. Update on my current favorites: Whole Foods Peppermint Lip Balm, Blixtex Herbal Answer, Better Botanicals Ginger Lip Therapy, and for the sun Paula’s Choice SPF 15 Lip Balms.

p.s. Don’t believe anything at Lip Balm Anonymous, but it is fun!

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yum, thai tea recipe at, I could use it, it was triple digits here yesterday, ick

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I have returned from a very July-4th-in-the-Midwest trip to the midwest, it was lovely. One interesting thing to show you – at a bbq with friends someone had this bottle of ketchup:

What the? We thought perhaps it was a misdirected attempt to satisfy a colorblind labeling law, but turns out Heinz is trying to have a sense of humor. I found this question and answer on the Heinz website: Why are there funny labels on some of the ketchup bottles?. Gotta appreciate them trying, but we were just bemused for a little while. Of course, by mentioning it here I’m doing exactly what the marketing campaign was hoping for…

Other than that we suspect the actual Moody Blues were the ones playing Moody Blues songs at the Massillon fireworks gathering (just outside the famous high school football stadium), the Jigsaw is still the best place to gather for a late morning breakfast (and now they have Bloody Mary Saturdays), and the new-ish Cleveland Children’s Botanical Gardens are just really cool.

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I’m away until the 10th – but there is a new project up – making a cutting table like the ones from my past. Soon to be up at Sew Wrong as well, but not until I get back. Ta ta!

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