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my mini pencam

A few people have asked about the mini pencam I keep going on about. Here are some details:

  • I bought the mini pencam which is exactly the same as the pencam mega, just smaller (and released later). I know because I ended up purchasing both and returning the larger one.
  • it’s about $90, I hear it sometimes goes on sale at Target for around $60
  • like squib said, the “macro” focus ring is somewhat of a joke, but it exists on both the mega and the mini
  • reviews/pictures:

  • I put up some untouched, right-off-the-camera pictures for you to view here, they are rather heavy K-wise, just so you know
  • I adore it, but it isn’t a great only camera. It doesn’t have zoom or a flash, does poorly in low light, and there is not little view screen in the back. It isn’t compatible with Macs, and lots of people have had trouble installing the camera manage software (I didn’t have any trouble). It eats batteries very quickly, and seems like it could break easily as well. But, it’s teeny, about the size of half a pack of cigarettes, lightweight, and cute.

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