Not Martha


I made, er, attempted the Phish Food cupcakes in an ice cream cone last night, see this post for reference and link to the recipe on Glitter. They looked fine most of the way through baking but fell rather dramatically by the time the timer was done. I took some pictures of what they looked like when the were cooling. And the parts we taste tested were good, but very crunchy like cookies. I used regular Phish Food ice cream and white cake mix. What went wrong? I suppose I should ask what exactly I was to expect as well.

Last time I was frosting cupcakes, Scott mentioned something about Dream Whip frosting. I had never heard of this stuff, but I tried it last night and it’s fun! I made the regular whipped Dream Whip stuff (it’s a desert topping kind of like Cool Whip but not cold), and the frosting mixed with a package of instant pudding (makes a fluffy, shiny cake frosting) last night. While I can’t say it’s the most appealing thing, it apparently fits the Not Quite As Good As My Mother Used To Make But Still Appreciated category. I wonder how I got through an entire childhood in the Midwest without encountering Dream Whip.

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