Not Martha


It has come time – I’m going to use a self tanner for the first time. I want to wear knee length skirts, but my legs are so desperately pale even I don’t want to look at them. You can see my blue veins and any sign of leg hair growth, it’s not pretty. I went to the drug store to buy a cheap one for the first try – but they were all “deep” or “medium to deep” – none were light. Is this like the size of fast food french fries, there is no Small/Light? I definitely don’t want anything close to a medium, it would be ridiculously obvious. So what do I do? Leave it on for a shorter time? I read somewhere that mixing it with moisturizing lotion will make it lighter, would that work? And, while I’m at it, any brands you recommend (ones I could find at a Walgreens)?

I feel so un-girly when I come up against something new like this.

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