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Verisign did a very mean thing to someone whose sites I have adored for years and years.

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spring cake recipes in the SFGate today – fresh fruit galette, boston cream pie, daffodil cake, paris-brest with praline filling, and lemon meringue cake. Yum.

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To Serge, or Not to Serge? Sew Wrong wants to know “Do you own a serger? Just want one? What kind? Is it really worth the money and space?” Go, answer, I’m curious too.

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Alison wrote to ask me about information on buying sewing machines, and I’m pasting in the links I gathered:

I asked on not martha and got a lot of responses (it’s the first entry of April 1st, if the jump links don’t behave)

There is a bit of discussion on this on the Glitter boards, your best bet is to go to the Search page, adjust the drop down to “all boards” and search for “sewing machine” (or “singer” or whatever you’re looking at) – adjust the ‘how many’ and ‘how old’ fields too (it’s a pain)

Here are some threads I came up with:

one | two | three | four | five

This is a very decent (I think slightly unfinished) Sewing FAQ by by Tom Farrell and Paulo Ruffino I came across a few days ago, the first section is all about buying sewing machines.

Keep an eye on Sew Wrong because I’ll probably bring up this subject again soon :)

the sewing world boards seem to discuss this a lot – and there is quite a bit if information in the sections for individual brands

pattern review also reviews specific sewing machine models

Are there any other places with good information on buying a sewing machine? Which brand, model, features, price range? That kind of stuff.

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how to make a newsprint switchplate cover at urban design, cool

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everybody’s posting recipes today – axis of aevil shares test kitchen cinnamon buns with buttermilk icing, chocolateorange gives up a bunch of drink recipes out of Cocktail-O-Matic : the little black book of Cocktail

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Knitting with beads at Knitter’s Review, pretty!

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Yummy recipe for tofu (May 2nd) at Nobody’s Fool. Nobody’s Fool: Food Notes and Stories is a wonderful food newsletter, I encourage you to subscribe. And (note to self) it would also make a terrific Mother’s Day gift.

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A combination of having seen everything else on the shelves at VideoZone, a bit of time to kill and not getting over how cool DVDs are led me to discover that a villian in Don’t Say A Word is killed (in self defense) with a knitting needle. A generic aluminum, Susan Bates?, I believe.

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new Soapboxgirls is up – The Domesticity Issue!

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