Not Martha


Ikea let me down for the first time! I’ve heard lots of stories about people bringing home thier boxed Ikea purchases to find all the hardware was left out, or something was missing. But I’ve always been lucky and happy with the (very basic) things I’ve gotten. I bought a set of table legs and the box contained three of one thing and one of another, where it was supposed to have two of one thing and two of the other. I took it back and they were all out, so I was forced to buy something else. They, of course, didn’t have my second choice. So now I have somthing which I marginally like, and really hope I don’t have to return.

But I did get a set of cubby shelves (the smaller Expedit) which I love. Little sectioned shelves make much more sense for holding books than longer book shelves. Though, perhaps this is just my past employment as a library page speaking.

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