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Gosh I’m tired. This extra two hours per day of commute I gained when we moved takes quite a chunk out of my photographing my new scarf and actually unpacking time. Some things have been going on, mostly involving buying stuff. I’m looking for the perfect pair of summer commuter shoes – the Simple shoes just didn’t work out. I must have weird shaped feet.

After a fruitless search in a rather large Nordstrom, I ordered these Kenneth Cole slides (I’m not usually a label girl but these look potentially comfortable), and these Keds (on sale too!) to try out. A few weeks ago I decided I needed a break from paying for shipping, but what can I do if the stores just don’t have them? And, I wish I could wear flip flops. It would make the summer shoe thing sooo much easier.

I have been slow to grab the freshly published book by Douglas Adams The Salmon of Doubt. I have adored Hitchhikers since I was wee and found the first book in the kids section of the library, where it had been shelved accidentally. I even own Last Chance to See, and have the entire radio program on cd (having lost the audio tapes which kept me company on many a road trip in the past, I hope they went to someone who appreciates them as much as I did). I was very sad when Douglas Adams passed away last year.

Sometime earlier this year I surprised myself when we joined an actual wine club! Our second shipment arrived a few days ago, and it looks yummy. I heart Bonny Doon Vineyard. The tasting rooms are the friendliest, and the wine is well explained. They even make a wine which is banned in Ohio – though I suspect just the label is banned, and just in some rather rural part of Ohio.

I have been scouring combinations of Ikea, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot and even a Hold Everything for the storage furniture we need so we can put away some stuff. I seem to envision exactly what I want and then try to find it rather than simply measuring the space and finding something which will fit into it. It isn’t easy. And I want these pillows in orange, red and olive for our couchfuton. I suppose one is never too old to shop at Urban Outfitters.

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