Not Martha


Bonnie sent me a link to this story in the Independent about fans of the band Slipknot sending mean messages to the members of the Knitting and Crochet Guild, whose quarterly newsletter has the same name. MTV carried a similar story here – via Crafty Bitch. The Independent article ended with “The band are appearing in Glasgow for the Gig on the Green Festival in August, but would be well advised to steer clear of the Knitting & Crochet Guild. Its knitters are known to be no pushovers. If they were to encounter members of the band, they may well be tempted to drop one, stitch one.” and the MTV article “The band’s label was amused by the mix-up and has no plans to take legal action. The slighted knitters weren’t so amused, however, and will likely drown their pain in cups of hot apple cider.” Oh the humor is overwhelming.

[ I know I saw this story one someone else’s site too, but I forget which one! ]

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