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Digging around the Knitter’s Review forums I can across this – the Louis Vuitton Sac Triangle was designed for a knitting friend. I dug up pictures on Ebay (auction only up until tomorrow). Dimensions are H14*W40*D14cm, in inches that is about 5.5H and D x 16L. It’s a pretty bag but I doubt it would be very practical – it has a zipper which is the death of yarn. And while the 16 inches would hold 14″ needles, the majority of people I know knit with circulars.

So I’m curious, what would your ideal knitting bag be? Where would you use it? Where do you hold your knitting – in your lap, on the floor, next to you? What kind of handles do you need? What type of pockets would you like, interior/exterior? Squibnocket has a clear vision of what she needs, something with sholder straps she can set on the slushy floor of the subway and trust to keep water out. The Knitter’s Review forums talk about something like a Kate Spade, and I think the stiffness and shape of bags like this would work well. What would you look for?

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I bought some of those cheap foam round curlers with the plastic clasp bar thingy and curled my hair last night and one thing is certain now: I was meant to be born with curly hair. Ok, I’m being dramatic but I like it much better. Now, anyone know where I could get a good perm in San Francisco? I’m serious, I think. I may find someone I trust and have them set it in a few different ways just to see how I like it. Does anyone actually get perms anymore?

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I want curly hair, for a little while. I have shoulder length, fairly straight, thin hair. I want to play with it, so what is the best way to cheaply, temporarily curl it? I’m willing to buy rollers, but not sure if I want to invest in hot curlers. And I know from experience spending a lot of time with my curling iron isn’t going to work. Any tips? Thanks!

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How great, Erica points us to Loose Ends via The Christopher Lowell Show. I love the many many boxes and bags.

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beautiful beads from green girl studios, take a look at the clasps (I like the swirl clasp), the necklace examples and the necklace kit as well.

via glitter

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yay – chicknits found even more how to knit streaming videos, for real player

[february 18th entry]

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take a look at ugly green chair’s martha pie! nice!

[feb 15th entry]

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How did I miss this? a.lifeuncommon’s Shoebox! Snips of tips and how-tos taken from magazines and put into a blog, archived by category via the wonderful Movable Type, how handy, how wonderful, thank you Dawn.

I do something similar, but not in blog form and therefore not nearly as handy to anyone else – after I’m done going through a magazine or catalog I clip out the articles and pictures of stuff I’d like to keep and stick them into these notebooks. Then when I need a recipe I can just pull out the one page it’s on, and it’s already in plastic. I’m finding it more helpful as I go along, easier to locate articles than paging through old magazines, and takes up less space. And, since I worked in a library all through high school, I find I love getting to cut up magazines.

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I’m going through a popcorn phase, so the Real Simple article on the best popcorn was timed perfectly. They like the Whirly Pop maker, which I happen to have (I nicked it from my mom when I went off to college and can’t bear to return it, which is easy as I live thousands of miles away now). They say the article is just in time for the Oscars, may I point out how fabulous the movie awards party kits and favors from Plum Party are?

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A slightly modified response to someone who wrote asking about how to learn to knit:

I started learning by reading a book my mom had stashed away, as well as using an article in Real Simple, which I can’t locate online. But there are a bunch of people who suggest Kids Knitting as a very clear, basic beginning guide. I wish I had known about that book when I set out.

Another place I really like is Stitch Guide, they have quicktime video of someone actually doing basic knit stitches, which is so helpful if you are like me, and too shy to go to a yarn shop and ask for help. I haven’t tried crochet yet, but Stitch Guide also has video for that!

And places I find helpful – the Glitter message boards at Get Crafty, a lot of other people are learning to knit, knitting email groups at,’s knitting section for free patterns, instructions and links, and Knitter’s Review for basics about needles, yarn reviews and the like. Also, Woolworks has a good listing of yarn shops.

You can buy cheap metal needles and yarn from a craft store to start, but I encourage you to get yourself to a yarn shop if you can, the many types of needles and nice (and expensive, yikes) yarn makes a big difference in the experience. I’ve read that wooden needles are good for beginner because they give more control over the yarn. My favorite online shops (which are laid out well and I learn stuff from) are:
patternworks (which also has a great color catalog) and eKnitting. Sadly, neither of those places carry my favorite yarns, I have to visit a shop or do a lot of googling. And jkl needles has every type of knitting needle I’ve ever looked for, right now I prefer short, straight, thick needles which shops usually don’t carry.

[continued in next post]

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A great way to get inspired is to read knitter’s websites, here are a few I frequent, all have terrific links to even more personal sites, shops and instruction and are worth checking frequently:

dangerous chunky

weblog at chicknits


clara’s window

red lipstick

five foot twelve

girl from auntie


glitter kitty

slice of chaos

ivete’s knitting



sarah’s knitting blog

project annie

erica mulherin

I know I left sites out of that list (sorry in advance!), if you have any, list ‘em!

many thanks to dangerous chunky and others for, unlike myself, actually keeping an updated list of knitting sites!

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I cannot let this day go by without linking to the ACME heart maker!

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I adore Knitter’s Review so I was very pleased to discover Clara’s Window – the site of Clara, the founder. Reading down I discover she lived here in SF, in an apartment with parking, and a yard, and a fireplace, in Noe Valley, for an incredible price… oh I am weak. I will have to forget all those details in my impending apartment search, la la la la la la… But of course I am doubly jealous of her current location. Go read about her knitting projects, and check out the banner ad – Knitting It’s Better Than Prozac, right on.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I havn’t been much in the Valentine’s mood, even though tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I am making a little something for co-workers which I’ll post after they open them. So, shoo, go check out these people who know how to celebrate in red:

dig’s magazine – mood food valentine’s menu, with flan!

plum party delightful fun stuff! pretty much has it covered

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