Not Martha


Digging around the Knitter’s Review forums I can across this – the Louis Vuitton Sac Triangle was designed for a knitting friend. I dug up pictures on Ebay (auction only up until tomorrow). Dimensions are H14*W40*D14cm, in inches that is about 5.5H and D x 16L. It’s a pretty bag but I doubt it would be very practical – it has a zipper which is the death of yarn. And while the 16 inches would hold 14″ needles, the majority of people I know knit with circulars.

So I’m curious, what would your ideal knitting bag be? Where would you use it? Where do you hold your knitting – in your lap, on the floor, next to you? What kind of handles do you need? What type of pockets would you like, interior/exterior? Squibnocket has a clear vision of what she needs, something with sholder straps she can set on the slushy floor of the subway and trust to keep water out. The Knitter’s Review forums talk about something like a Kate Spade, and I think the stiffness and shape of bags like this would work well. What would you look for?

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