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A while back I found directions on how to make blown sugar bubbles (usually to top wedding cakes) on See a picture of the surrounding a cake here and the picture they had with instructions here. I was so enchanted! Then they redesigned and apparantly took down the instructions. So I googled it and am copying the instructions I find here:

from: uncle phaedrus

Blown sugar bubbles

3 lbs. granulated cane sugar

1 lb. water

Bring to a boil and add 8 drops tartaric acid. Boil until it reaches
314� F. Pour onto a marble slab or a large silpat sheet. When cool
enough to handle, pull off balls marble to golf ball size, depending
on the size of the bubble you want. Attach to the end of a wooden
straw and blow. Twist the bubble and melt the end shut with a spirit
burner and cut away with scissors.

The instructions on were more complicated than this – they involved stretching and folding the sugar over itself before cutting off a bit to blow. Does anyone have better/different instructions? And where would one find a wooden straw?

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