Not Martha


I had heard about this before, but saw it on martha a few days ago: Impromptu Gourmet, they ship you ready to cook ingredients, instructions, and wha la, gourmet stay at home meal! Now, before you start getting all uptight (this is mostly a message to my family) let me explain why I love this so: I try and try but pretty much fail when cooking something out of my grilled cheese scope. Grocery shopping in this area of this city really is a traumatic all-day event what with parking, maneuvering, double parking, lugging, re-parking and finding someplace to put it all. Don’t ask what happens when I discover I’ve forgotten a key ingredient. My kitchen is really laughably tiny. By the time I add up the time, labor, emotional, and actual cost, it’s cheaper to have it shipped to me. And last but not least, my dear Webvan has not come back to me. But I hold up hope.

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