Not Martha


I’ve been meaning to redo some projects. I have some actually good smelling fragrance oils to try in soaps and bath bombs, I want to re-shoot pictures for the surprise ball, try solid bubble bath again, re-do my jean skirt and add a panel in front so I can walk more easily in it, and make some new melted crayon things because I never did properly cover our view of the naked television watching neighbors, and I just bought a set of oversized crayons from Ikea. And I want to make some salt scrub. I have some of the ginger scrub from Origins, but I find that the salt is too large to be of much use so I want to grind some salts finer to see how that works.

I think I found the first sweater I’m going to attempt (in a while from now, once I learn to decrease with confidence). I want one of these for sitting around the cold apartment. I like it because I won’t have to worry much about gauge. I mean, look at it. A few inches here or there won’t even be noticed. I adore Rebecca magainze.

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