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Natalie wrote me asking about long distance Valentines gift ideas, I wrote back and went on and on about stuff, and decided she shouldn’t be the only one tortured, so here you go:

Hm let’s see. I like surprises. One of the most romantic things a guy ever did for me was to slip fortunes from fortune cookies into my hands one by one over the course of a day (this was in high school). They all said something along the lines of “someone likes you” and “love is coming your way”.

Along those lines I’ve been admiring the Nips cards which are small card with a sentimental message inside.

Last year for Valentines Day I did something with small cards. I made a bunch (I think 24) of cards using colored papers, I cut out 24 tiny 2″ square cards and 24 colored hearts, glued the hearts to the front of a contrasting color card. I then hid them around the house as a treasure hunt, with clues to the next place. I wrote the clues in the form of “I love you when…”. So the first card was taped to the front door for him to find when he arrived home with the clue “I love you when you brush your teeth”. The clue was for where the toothpaste was, and there was a second card which said “I love you when you cook”, leading to the stove where a clean pan with a lid on it held the next card and so on. All leading to a present hidden somewhere in our very very small apartment.

For mother’s day last year I took a tip from Martha and made my own fortune cookies and put fortunes inside. I love the idea of baking things inside of a cake, perhaps you could bake a few messages incased in some sort of safe plastic thing inside of cupcakes. Ooh, how about those metal message capsules Tops Malibu makes, I keep seeing them in office supply stores around here: bottom of the page – Mystery Capsules

The other day I ran across these teeny tiny envelopes made by Impress rubber stamps seen here about half way down.

And I thought they would be perfect to glue inside of a card. You could do something like get twelve cards which seem normal and mail them one day at a time (hoping they all arrive in sequence and before Vday) with these tiny envelopes in side holding special messages.

(continued in next post, shame on Blogger)

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