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Last Valentine’s day I made surprise balls for everyone (the pictures aren’t so good)

These are wonderful. You wind crepe paper into a ball hiding things as you go along. I found a puzzle card, a card which was heart shaped and had puzzle shapes cut into it. I wrote a message on the card, broke it into it’s pieces and hid the pieces one by one into the surprise ball along with lots of other stuff. The recipient had to find the pieces, and assemble the heart to read it. I sent them to friends and family and everyone really enjoyed them. You can still order the puzzle cards here.

Mostly I’m drawn to things which are fun and romantic at the same time. Things which need to be opened or discovered always resonate really well. And things which come in multiples leading up to the day, or the gift, are very exciting. I’ve found things which are fun tend to take that I Love You You Must Love Me Too Or Else I’m Going To Cry And You Will Be A Bad Person edge off of emerging relationships.

I think this year for friends and family for either Vday or Easter I’m going to make mini-pinata like things, an idea I saw in Martha Stewart Living around Halloween. You use smallish scraps of tissue paper to cover a balloon which is small (water balloon sized) or only partially blown up, let it dry and remove the balloon, fill with stuff and use more tissue paper to close the hole. The recipient has to break the tissue paper to get inside. I’m not sure how well these will travel however, I’ll probably test it out really soon.

For easter last year I dyed eyes, blew them out, let them dry and filled with stuff, here. I glued a patch to the hole in the bottom. The recipient had to crack the egg to get inside. They were a big hit with everyone. You could paint hearts on a few eggs and hide messages and candy inside. I mailed an entire carton to friends back home and they made it without breaking!

Impress Rubber Stamps has a load of decorative ideas, poke around their site.

There are great ideas being exchanged for just this same long distance gift ideas on Glitter
(hee! including the fortune cookie thing!) And I’m sure there are more threads from past years. Good luck!

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