Not Martha


More to report from the weekend, I made it out to General Bead and it was very different than what I was expecting (very different than the impression the site gave me). The store was a good size, not massive, and colorful, the walls and countertops and ceilings were covered in bright colors (like being inside a Dr. Seuss book). Everything which wasn’t nailed down was covered in beads and jewels, the calculators and lamps and all. And the very friendly and helpful employees were cool, even when I changed my mind twice about stuff I wanted to buy. The way it works was well explained at the door – you take a small clipboard, form and pen. Example beads, cord and findings are displayed on the walls with product number, amount per sold, and description. This is nice because you can touch the beads, but you’re not buying the beads everyone has fondled. You fill out a line for each type of bead you want to buy, take it to the counter and somone retrieves the beads from the numerous bins in the back. There were so many huge plastic jewels, I might be back there very soon. Other things I noticed – parts for chandeliers, plenty of bead kits, they seem to have everything you could want.

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