Not Martha


I went to Fengari yarn shop in Half Moon Bay yesterday [400 Main Street, (650) 726-2550] and it was lovely! So much yarn, and a substantial amount of non-wool. I found some Sirdar Snowflake Chunky, but they didn’t have any red (I was thinking of another red and white striped something or other). Snowflake is very soft and very ligweight. I was traveling with Scott and he held a ball in his hands, squeezed it (this yarn encourages everyone to go all Charmin on it) and said it reminded him of angel food cake. I ended up buying some grey Geisha by Plymouth, which is ecstatically soft and bumpy-fuzzy. The label recommended US 11 – 13 needles so I bought some 10″ #11 Pony Pearls which are a bright deep orange, nearly magenta (I love the color). The needles are surprisingly lightweight as well. I might switch to #10 US needles though, and I might try a wood set this time.

So far I like the Pony Pearl needles better than the Bryspun Flexible. By comparison the Bryspuns feel heavy (the knob at the end especially seems to have unneccessary weight) and hard, they would begin to hurt the joints on the inside of my fingers. This is regarding very thick needles, I’m sure their respective properties are different for the thinner sizes. And I’m realizing that Zap, while very fun, is too heavy to make a long scarf (like the one I made) out of.

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