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I keep coming across this – the search for the pattern for the Harry Potter Scarf. There are a few patterns out there, and there is a site devoted to knitted items in Harry Potter. There are a two patterns for the Gryffindor scarf that I know of, both on the Knit List (a rather large Yahoo group list) – wizard scarf one and wizard scarf two (note: both of these patterns are copyrighted, please do not use them for profit). There is some discussion of the scarf on this site – with pictures of knitted items from the HPGalleries site. And there is of course a football scarf maker in the UK who is offering Harry Potter style scarves.

So far it seems the consensus on the details on the Gryffindor scarves are these: the scarf is knitted in stockinette in the round with a fairly thin yarn (sport weight?), the scarf is at least a foot wide and at least five feet long, there are eleven tassels on the ends beginning and ending with the scarlet color, the scarf is modeled after English football scarves. How does that sound? I have not seen the movie yet, just the stills.

I might make a scarf for my teddy bear, though, sort of along the lines of the tiny scarf the Hagrid toy wears. I’m surprised that there is not an official scarf, besides the ones given out at the premiere and the scarves from Sears, being sold.

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