Not Martha


So, I’m pretty inexperienced when it comes to cooking and baking, our house was more of an Open the Box and Add Hot Water type when I was growing up, not that my mom isn’t a great cook, she is, I just didn’t take the time to learn from her when she did have the time and occasion to cook. When I first ran across a reference to parchment paper – for making hard handy – I was all like, yeah, whatever, fancy schmancy cooking stuff, waxed paper will be fine. I finally broke down and got some parchment paper for making dark chocolate covered almonds last weekend and hey, the stuff is great! No sticking! But I must remember that tempering the chocolate is well worth it. I’m gearing up for making hard candy window glass for my gingerbread house, and I’ll let you know of the parchment paper works for this better than the waxed paper (which melted and stuck to the back, boo hoo!).

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