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My obsession with finding the all time greatest lip product is re-emerging. Right now I’m adoring Anna Sui’s clear, rose scented lip gel (shade 400). But I wanna know, what lip stuff do you use?

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For the upcoming holiday: Thanksgiving Geese made of squash (warning: midi music and animated gifs, but the instructions are good). Also, check out this picture – am I the only one who sees little geese feasting on a turkey they stalked and took down? My favorite part: Our tradition concludes the day after Thanksgiving when we line the little geese up in a steamer and “boil them alive”.

link via bob the corgi via opine bovine

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knitting links which don’t make me flinch (mostly)

most of these aren’t new

    supply and instruction sites

    A new site which reviews yarns, needles, shops and talks about things related to knitting. The design is clean and the nav is pretty clear, which seems rare for commercial knitting sites, and the boards only began on Nov. 8th so they are not overwhelming, yet. Products reviews are kind to a newbie. I learned a lot more getting started stuff than anywhere else. Have info for spinners as well.


    A big yarn selling place, offers a wide selection of nice yarns and tools. More imporatantly: the yarn is easy to browse through by category and the search function actually works well. When I find some yarn I’m interested in on this site I google it to find more pictures of it, and compare prices that was as well. I have ordered from them and the experience so far is good. They have a nice color catalog which is good for browsing on the subway. Have a pretty nice needle description page (no pictures, though).

    knitting at

    Has free patterns, yarn reviews, links to charitable knitting projects and generally lots of information. Is though so I find it a bit jumbled.

    wise needle

    There is a wealth of info on yarns (some have personal reviews) compiled by the users.

    wool works

    Compilation of tips, instruction, and patterns from the Knitlist. Has a very comprehensive and up to date listing of yarn shops all over the world.

    yes you can!

    If you panic before you see the “exit” link Alt-F4 is how to get out of these types of windows. I can’t seem to make anything load with these pages despite the fast connection so this entry is only to inform you of the Alt-F4 option should you happen upon the site.

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And it seems like the two books to have if you’re really committing to it are Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears and Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book.

Did I miss anything? Have any to add?

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Get Crafty has opened a cute store (PayPal, yay). They are offering four gift boxes – Love, Money, Spice (note: this one is not for kids), and Warmth, many of them include some stuff from Lush(!) and a Demeter fragrance. But the handmade crafts are even better. I like the fuzzy earth balls and recycled glass ornaments and look! you can get your very own crocheted skull. If you’d like to try to make it yourself, the pattern is included, so nice!)

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Turns out the link tko nooknits was also yesterday’s feature at Daily Candy which has a new NYC related gem each day. Even though I don’t live anywhere near NYC I find the stuff they feature delightful, sometimes amusingly outrageous, like all the joy of a bad women’s fashion mag without the having to buy it part.

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Link gleaned from the Get Crafty boardsnooknits, full of cute, warm, hand knit stuff which serves as some nice inspiration. I’ve been seeing a lot of these pull-through holes and I like it, I’ll have to learn to do big buttonholes. And the Juliet cap head thingy I was talking about before was like this but not this muffbonnet.

News on the crusade to learn to knit: I have gone against everybody’s advice and ordered some fluffy non-wool yarn and some big plastic (gasp!) needles to make my first project, which is to remain a secret for the moment. I did visit Greenwhich Yarn yesterday, very nice shop, and got to scritch the doggie which hangs out there. Gorgeous yarns, but I could feel my (usually very slight) wool allergies kicking in. Darn.

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If you havn’t already seen the uber cute crocheted sushi by Clare Crespo you can catch up with this interview at Get Crafty. Clare’s site Yummy Fun (warning: Flash) has a bunch of great recipes and is very very fun. She wrote a cookbook called Occasional Baking, A Guide to Really Fun Desserts (ordering details are in the Get Crafty interview). How could you not love recipes with names like Bugs in Amber and Chocolate Mice? I’m going to make the Monkey Pops as soon as I get some bananas. And I almost missed the link for Jello Aquarium because it’s next to the recipe box.

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Biba left this message on the links page:

“Here’s a link that I think you might be interested in: A lot of people don’t seem to know the story behind Lush. Well, Lush and Cosmetics-To-Go used to be one company (called Cosmetics-To-Go) back in the 80s. It was mail order only, and the catalogues were utterly brilliant to read! During the recession the company disappeared for a while. I got my orders and letters returned unopened, and their phoneline was disconnected. I assumed like everyone else that they went bust (very sad as I was addicted to their perfumes) but one day I received a Lush catalogue in the post. I just assumed the company had changed name and relaunched, but a few months later I got a Cosmetics-To-Go one too, which explained the troubles they’d had and what had happened. Lush went on to bigger and better things (opening shops, expanding worldwide etc) but CTG is still a small mail order company in Dorset. I think a lot of people would enjoy it, even though the website looks a bit naff LOL!”

I knew Lush had been a different company before they were Lush but I didn’t know this story – thank you! the stuff they have is very cute, can’t wait to try it.

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if you crochet there are a bunch of 60’s vintage patterns at Groovy Crochet

and if you sew there is a treasureload of vintage patterns from the last century at Patterns from the Past – check out the old bathing suits and bags and hats

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Proof that some knitters are just as big a geek as you are: a pattern for the Tom Baker Dr. Who scarf (the first one on the page).

Alternately, there is a very very detailed version by version history of the scarf, along with the BBC knitting pattern, the same as the one above, including a plan of the color patterns. He also has a picture of the red and black striped scarf, and adds a pattern and color plan for that one as well (24 feet long!). Wow.

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more on knitting: I’m finding very helpful stuff at Knitter’s Review, right now I’m interested in learning all about needles and reading yarn reviews. There are also some basic yarn reviews here at the knitting area. Know of any other good places for reviews on knitting tools, yarns and shops?

I’m eyeing this yarn – Geisha by Plymouth, as an alternative to mohair for my allergic to wool self. Anyone use it? How do you like it?

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I love the Nips series of little cards (I found a rather bad picture here, but you get the idea). And today ran across some itty bitty little blank cards and red envelopes (1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″) in card store near here. Sooo cute! The company which makes them is Hero Arts, the best picture I could find is this, which doesn’t do justice to how itty they are.

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I’m loving the stuff at Mighty Flirt. The sparkling beaded belt, anne klein split tunic and belted herringbone coat are my favorites (actually, all the coats). And when you click on “details” you get a pop up with the clothing history so you can become an informed vintage consumer!

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