Not Martha


I saw the new Shrinky Dinks Maker (easy bake oven like device) somewhere the other day and it reminded me of my once-ambitious plan to make distinctive shrinky dink luggage tags (or at least, something which would make my rolly luggage not look exactly like everybody else’s rolly luggage). A thread popped up on Glitter about shrinky dink type stuff and it was mentioned that the oven instructions (which likely caused one’s oven to be filled with terrible toxins anyway) were taken off and now it appears that you have to have the official Shrinky Dinks Maker. Yuck. I have seen shrinky dink type material in craft stores which is exactly the same thing. Now I’m thinking about making shrinky dink tree ornaments for the Christmas Shrub we’ll soon be getting out of storage.

p.s. there is an official shrinky dinks site where you can order materials, and a great article on all thing shrinky at smile and act nice – both links lifted from Glitter, thank you Glitter

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