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knitting links which don’t make me flinch (mostly)

most of these aren’t new

    supply and instruction sites

    A new site which reviews yarns, needles, shops and talks about things related to knitting. The design is clean and the nav is pretty clear, which seems rare for commercial knitting sites, and the boards only began on Nov. 8th so they are not overwhelming, yet. Products reviews are kind to a newbie. I learned a lot more getting started stuff than anywhere else. Have info for spinners as well.


    A big yarn selling place, offers a wide selection of nice yarns and tools. More imporatantly: the yarn is easy to browse through by category and the search function actually works well. When I find some yarn I’m interested in on this site I google it to find more pictures of it, and compare prices that was as well. I have ordered from them and the experience so far is good. They have a nice color catalog which is good for browsing on the subway. Have a pretty nice needle description page (no pictures, though).

    knitting at

    Has free patterns, yarn reviews, links to charitable knitting projects and generally lots of information. Is though so I find it a bit jumbled.

    wise needle

    There is a wealth of info on yarns (some have personal reviews) compiled by the users.

    wool works

    Compilation of tips, instruction, and patterns from the Knitlist. Has a very comprehensive and up to date listing of yarn shops all over the world.

    yes you can!

    If you panic before you see the “exit” link Alt-F4 is how to get out of these types of windows. I can’t seem to make anything load with these pages despite the fast connection so this entry is only to inform you of the Alt-F4 option should you happen upon the site.

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