Not Martha


Adventures in how to clean my coffee maker:

I have one of those models with the carafe which is extra hard to clean, yippee. – method using citric acid (which I happen to have in the house, I do not, however, have vinegar)

epinions: using undilluted vinegar

coffee club: eight easy steps

and I finally broke down and dug out the instructions which came with the coffee maker:

Daily: Wash filter basked it hot soapy water, rinse inside of carafe with lukewarm water. Never put in dishwasher or else. For hard to remove stains, use a plastic mesh pad or a cloth dampened in vinegar.

Monthly: Fill thermal carafe with 2 cups vinegar. Add cold water on top. Pour water/vinegar mixture into resevoir opening. Run. Rinse by cycling through 2 or 3 more carafes of plain cold tap water.

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