Not Martha


Despite being “part of the magic of Disney online”, Family Fun Magazine’s site has some great Halloween stuff:

  • monster brains in skulls [guacamole in gourds]
  • bat chips to go with the brains
  • wiggly crystal ball
  • putrid punch with gummy worms frozen in ice cubes!
  • look there is that popcorn in a plastic glove thing again
  • and on Hey I Remember This From My Childhood spider pops (in a slightly easier version, my mom, hi mom!, used to use a wrap a white kleenex over a lollipop, secure with a white pipe cleaner, and put little ghostly eyes and a mouth on with a Sharpie and called it a day, they were adored each time)

and I’m not the first person to make these

I actually found this site by glancing through the Halloween book in Borders and there were a few things in there that I liked: carving a small jack o lantern with an OH NO look on it’s face, placing it inside of a larger, scarier jack o lantern with a wide open mouth so it looks like the big pumpkin is eating the little pumpkin – and skipping that whole baking gingerbread thing and making a haunted house out of graham crackers and chocolate frosting.

And there is a nice page on all the things you can do with pumpkins including a very simple recipe for pumpkin seeds.

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