Not Martha


Yikes. A co-worker of mine is planning her wedding and a while ago asked me about the glass-topped favor containers. I very excitedly told her about the ones at Lee Valley being less expensive than the ones at Martha by Mail. And then I told all of you. My co-worker, who is very smart, ordered a sample of them (that being, not the 100+ for her wedding, just one box) to check them out. Specifically, she ordered these 70mm (2-3/4″) ones which come in a cardboard box. They arrived today and they aren’t so great. The glass in the top fell out of the first one she opened (there will be children at the wedding), and the one I picked up had it’s lid well and firmly stuck on it. They were kind of dirty (the edges were dirty and you could see a thin layer of dark on our fingers), and the glass was heavier and thicker than I expected. The cardboard box looked very abused and old.

Now, to the defense of Lee Valley, they are being sold as a way to keep little hardware and tools well kept, for which they would be fine, great even. But these particular ones aren’t going to work as favor containers. With that in mind, anyone order the ones from Martha By Mail? How are those? How about the other sizes at Lee Valley?

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