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If you’re into period clothing there are a few good resources I have run across:

Amazon Drygoods

Sells Victorian and period clothing and goods, patterns and shoes, separate catalogs for each. And now they have a window treatment catalog too. The catalogs are good to keep around for reference or ideas. The ones I have from a few years ago are very clear line drawings with good descriptions. I have the pattern catalog and it spans from early Mediaeval through the 50s, and has a bunch of Middle Eastern folk costume patterns (many appropriate for belly dancing) as well as dance and equestrian. The shoe catalog is a great reference – Roman through mid 20th century, as well as Middle Eastern and Arabian, clown boots and specialty dance shoes – Irish and Scottish dance – and things like spats. I have never ordered from the drygoods catalog but it is full of Victorian era goods, hats and corsets to ornaments, books and lamps.

Campbell’s Historic Patterns and Other Treasures

Catalog full of patterns from medieval to the 40s, carry patterns from companies such as Period Patterns, Folkwear, Past Patterns, Amazon Drygoods, and Fairwinds Pattern Company. Also carry sewing accessories and books. Don’t seem to have a website but you can get in touch Box 400, Gratz, PA 17030-0400, (713) 425-2045. The catalog I have was $4.50 in 1990, I’m not even sure if they are still around. Catalog with line drawings.

Chivalry Sports Renaissance catalog

Sell line of Ren Fair clothing and accessories, patterns, blades, armor, shoes, games, books and fighting safety equipment. The catalogs also come with a few well researched articles. A good source for affordable, authentic Ren Fair clothing. Carry some goth stuff, and have a line of Lord of the Rings goods too. Color catalog with photographs of people wearing the clothes.

Digging for urls I ran across these pages with lists of pattern companies, suppliers and info:

Homestead craft suppliers listings

SCA type patterns and books listings

SCA arts and sciences listings

SCA research links

costume links page lots of diy links

Medieval European costume pages

If you’re in the Bay Area Sew Wrong points us to the The Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild which holds costumed events from various periods.

Know of any good period resources? Thanks!

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