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Soapmaking 101 – there are three different ways of making soap at home and these guys explain it. Also, check out soap rocks if you’ve never seen them before – very pretty. Despite what it may or may not say on that site, this was not the first person to make these. There are some instructions on making your own which I seem to have lost. Darn.

[ I just want to make it clear that you really need to know what you’re doing before you start working with lye, ok? It can be bad, like Fight Club bad, but I’ve heard that in reality the vinegar doesn’t actually stop the burning, just neutraizes the chemical process of your skin being melted away. And you need to avoid breathing in the fumes. Also, lye soapmaking is not something you do in an apartment, it can be smelly, not to mention the eating through the floorboards. Neoprene gloves, goggles, completely covered skin, rubber apron, thick boots, whole bit. I know many soapmakers even go with the full on gas masks. Don’t skimp, I’ve heard more than enough personal horror stories from mailing lists. Ok? good, just be very careful. ]

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Over the weekend the Soap Diva make a big update of her site – she still offers bath salt tubes and has a page of containers including take-out containers with and without wire handles, sachets, wooden scoops, and happy little rubber duckies. Also, bath poofs [scroll down a bit] and incense burners. She still has handmade soaps and hand dipped incense, and mixed sea bath salts, and now offers a whole lotta botanicals. I really like the create-it-yourself stuff, and if you can’t decide there are always samples.

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places to get stuff to put the homemade cosmetics you make in

[ this has been broken into convenient small chunks because blogger just keeps getting better and better! ]

stuff julie likes has bath salt tubes and also offers some nice lip balm tubes – clearish! a cobalt lip balm pot and a clear lotion bar tube

soap diva sells bath salt tubes – and because she uses frames – choose “For The Soapmakers” from her sidenav once you get past the splash page, she also sells take out containers

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majestic mountain sage carries brown paper tin tie bags (coffee bags) and flatish widemouth plastic jars (good for body balms), they also have little clear plastic spatulas which can be nice for getting lotion out of a jar without using your finger

from nature with love – heat sealable tea bags to makes your own bath teas and a nice selection of bottles and jars, as well as a number of bath accessories including shaving brushes and bowls

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wholesale supplies plus has super large heat sealing tea bags for tub tea (you just iron them shut, nice), white and brown paper tin tie bags and muslin drawstring bags

sunburst bottle has a great range of bottles and jars, some of my favorites are
tea bags and muslin bags, cobalt blue lip balm tube, lightbulb shaped bottle hee hee, corked glass bottles check out the ones with wooden spoons attached, also gallon sized clear plastic jar

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the packaging goddess has glassine bags, tin tie bags, clear take out containers, those mini galvanized wash tubs, berry baskets and nice brown paper apple tote bags, and corked test tube (warning – glass can be a bad thing in the bath)

I have had a lot of luck finding interesting mini plastic shopping baskets (like these but less frilly) and containers in general from Chinatown, and there are a surprising amount of useful things to be found in hardware stores. I’ve been meaning to make melt and pour shaving soap and putting it right into one of those blue enamel camping mugs. off topic – have you seen they make blue enamel camping espresso cups? wtf?

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what I’m thinking about

listed here so I might possibly remember it

  • this picture from a previous martha magazine by ice fantasies, and this picture taken from a Jane magazine spread, which I have from before I quit my subscription because it is a shallow and disappointing older relative of Sassy, and while we’re thinking about ice this vodka because I just like it
  • ripstop nylon and grommet purses, aka That Home Depot Bag Thingy I Wanna Make
  • new picturs for the surprise ball project with my left over crepe
  • how quiet things are everywhere
  • halloween projects – few goodies in store
  • adding comments to this here blog thingy
  • getting a sewing machine (with a case and a handle!)
  • making ginger salt scrub with the ground ginger found at Scarlett Sage Herb Co.
  • new food that looks like other food feature thing
  • getting ready for houseguests! yay!

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Long ago I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use salts that are intended for cooking purposes in beauty products. I have no idea where this was or if it is true in any way. The reasons they gave where some muddled things about salts for cooking would actually dry out your skin, whereas salts intended for beauty products had been washed or treated in some way. I realize that this washing thing sounds suspicious, but it sounded reasonable at the time in my early research. I’ve been poking around trying to find this information again somewhere, anywhere, and the closest I can find is that one shouldn’t use iodized salts in bath products – most common kitchen salt has been iodized. So, do you know anything about this? Salts to avoid for beauty purposes? Let me know, thanks!

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I have been bad for not adding this one earlier – nervous industries

“Land Mail Art Objects. These are objects that anybody can make: notebooks, photo albums, boxes, mix tapes, that are sent all over the world, to anyone that signs up for them here, and finally returned to their original owners.”

There is a lot going on over there. Very good stuff.

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someone over at the digs magazine board mentioned Basin, a bath store similar to Lush – anyone tried stuff from Basin? how does it compare to Lush? Basin is only located in the Mall of America and Disneyland, neither of which have good connotations for me. I’m hesitant, while the picture on this page makes it look like a blatant Lush rip-off, the products don’t sound as scrumptious to me, and the ingredients list has those words which I do not favor “fragrance oil”, ick

[ oops, did I just reject it before I even tried it? ]

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the boards at digs magazine are great! (although, I may be overly smitten because they have a thread about Lush inside of “covet”) also, check glitter, the getcrafty boards for craft chatter and peoples in your area – any other boards you recommend?

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A while ago I linked to Venus of Willendorf shaped soap at Bust – the gal that makes it has a whole store filled with equally exciting stuff at Pisces Soap. She also does the Pisces Catalog a “zine, craft & novelty distro” (which is having some sales right now). Yay for Kerith!

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fun – pottry barn kids has a pink retro telephone. for the record a friend of mine has a pottery barn phone and she says the reception is not-so-great. a magazine I have lists websites that sell old and antique phones – I’ll dig it out later today and list the sites

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From Nature With Love has a nice library on making your own bath stuff and candles, as well as a nice recipe database (choices on the left nav for that one)

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links gleaned from paranoidgirl

luau kit at plum party

and check out that sno-cone maker – ah, takes me back

but they are missing that that neccessary bit of bad taste:

coconut bras at oriental trading company (for the guys of course)

easy to grow your own pineapple at you grow girl

pms chocolate bars at bust

ladies day at get crafty

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