Not Martha


Slow Food is also about local foods and wines and the people that produce them.
It’s about protecting those commodities and artisans from the homogenization of
Target and Starbucks and McDonald’s and and and. . . Look around and recognize
the people and products that are made or grown near you. Here in Santa Cruz I
have Corralitos Sausage Company, a lot of really wonderful farmers, the Santa
Cruz Coffee Roasting Company, among many other things. Look around and see what’s
in your own town, and then when you travel, look for the local food – whether
that means restaurants, farms, wine, or beer. On a road trip, stop at farm
stands, or eat street food.

One of the leaders who revolutionized the way that Americans, especially
Californians, eat is Alice Waters. If you have any money, eat at Chez Panisse.
But alumni of Chez Panisse are everywhere. For a really nice (and more
affordable) outing, take a drive up to Point Reyes and get a picnic from Tomales
Bay Foods. Peggy Smith, the owner, used to work at Chez Panisse. Her partner, Sue
Conley, shares the building. Her company is called Cowgirl Creamery and she makes
delicious cheese from local organic (Strauss) milk. If you come down to Santa
Cruz, eat at Carried Away. Tom & Mima, the owners, met while they were working at
Chez Panisse.

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