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Some quilting stuff I’ve come across

  • wall hanging quilt with pockets to hang near one’s computer and hold miscellaneous cords and connectors

    [ the person to whom this idea is attributed is on my computer at home which I cannot reach from work, thank you person whose name is at home! apologies! ]

  • Web-safe color chart quilt (for Jacob)
  • found-fabrics quilt
  • quilt made from squares of felted [or fulled] old sweaters
  • t-shirt quilt for all those momento t-shirts you’ll never wear again – instructions over at HGTV
  • Karissa told me about a quilt her family uses to take to the park for picnic – it’s made out of old jeans so the denim holds up the the abuse and washing out of grass stains, suddenly I need one of these!
  • [which brings me to] jeans-pocket quilt for holding stuff in!
  • [which brings me to] this small shirt-pocket quilt over at martha to use for organizing, with assembly instructions
  • and martha also has instructions on making a memory quilt out of old clothing
  • I saw a martha idea somewhere (the magazine?) about making a warm throw or quilt of wool suiting material, it looked very non-girly

got any ideas to add?

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